« Cosplayers are an infinite source of inspiration for me.
Creativity and ideas are the base when shooting cosplays. »

My name is Lucas, I’m a cosplay photographer based in Switzerland. Photography has always been my favorite hobby among all. I started back when I was a kid using my dad’s old 35mm film camera.

In 2014, for the first time, I took part to a manga convention in Lausanne near my home. I was blown away by the cosplayer with their amazing costumes and props. At that time, I just bought my first real digital camera and slowly I started taking picture during those events.

Fast forward to today, I am known as TheFoxxx. I’m travelling around Europe for different events and I’m shooting mainly during them, but that’s not all. My country is full of wonderful landscapes to work with and I love taking cosplayers to some places and work on a photoshoot there with them.

My art has been growing from nothing and I always try to improve technics and ideas. Cosplayers are an infinite source of inspiration for me I’m here to give them the best pictures I can. Fun is always a big part of my work as a cosplay photographer too.

Last Update 23.02.2020

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